How our cloth diaper service works:

  • 1.Take the clean diapers out of the odour and waterproof diaper bag we provide each week and place the bag in your diaper pail.
  • 2.Simply toss the soiled diapers in the pail. There is no need to dump or rinse the diapers whatsoever!
  • 3.On your delivery day, fill out the bag tag and leave the soiled bag of diapers on your doorstep for pick up.

Save $1000!

You will save a minimum of $1000 using Bear Bottoms vs disposable diapers

Fitted vs Flat Cloth Diapers

These are not the cloth diapers your grandmother remembers!

Why Bear Bottoms

The Bear Bottoms Difference


Bear Bottoms diapers are soft and cosy and are custom made in Canada. Our diapers are made using natural fabrics which include cotton, hemp and cotton sherpa.

Two reasons why

disposable diapers are concerning...

  • Your Baby's Health
  • The Environment

Bear Bottoms Testimonials

Bear Bottoms has diapered all four of our children. Wow, this is really our last! The diapers are so soft and we love having the choice of thin or thick diapers, as each of our children is so different. Thank you for the continued wonderful service, we feel like we are part of your family. 🙂 We just had to tell you how glad we are that we found you and we all love seeing the big green truck come!

A. Randall


We love the ease of the fitted diapers and there is RARELY ever a mess! I have had many comments from friends and family on how wonderful and easy they look. I can’t imagine why disposable diapers are still around when there is Bear Bottoms instead!

Christine Campbell


I really like the service and recommend it to many people. The convenience of having diapers delivered to my door and not having to do even more laundry is great. The service is always friendly and you are always willing to go out of your way to make things work even better! Many thanks!

Tanya McKraken


Thank you for making it so easy to be green!  Your product and service were amazing and I tell every new mom I meet about it!  If I have another child you will definitely hear from me.  Keep up the great work!

Rachel and baby Olivia


Your service has been excellent, and the cloth diapers are great, we have had zero issues with diaper rash in a year. We would recommend you to anyone looking for a diapering service, for sure.

Ian S.


We have been using the service for almost 8 months and we love it! Despite all the ‘green’ reasons for cloth diapers – the best part is the convenience. I never have to worry about running out of diapers or bringing home those huge boxes from the store. Keep up the great service – it makes a difference.

Melissa Assad


We love that the diapers are easy to use (even my husband feels comfortable using them) and environmentally friendly. I also find they tend to hold our daughters, poop explosions, better than disposable diapers.

Andrea Moore


Going cloth diapering was important for us.  We’re just so happy we heard about your company from our friends.  Not only do we feel great about being better to the planet, we don’t even have to do all the dirty work!  Thanks for being quick to respond and making our lives so much easier.

Matthew F.


Natalie had several major “digestive events” this week, and we were AMAZED with how the cloth diapers handled them! Every day, we’re glad we made the choice to use your products!

Allyson Bradley


We have been using the service for just over six months. I love everything about your service. I love the quality of the diapers, I love the convenience of having them delivered and not having the extra laundry. Most of all I love the high service level that Bear Bottoms offers. Thanks so much.

Michelle Rojas


Nothing compares to Bear Bottoms, having both day & night diapers and I just found out they are made right here in Ontario – support the economy right? Our baby is now big enough for super soakers and wow! My baby has never even leaked or had a rash. He never fusses to be changed and we have never had to use any creams. We can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t use cloth, when it’s this easy, cheap and better for the world! Thank you Bear Bottoms, for your service!

Ashley McKay


I can’t thank you enough for everything – the service, the quality, the pricing, you guys have been absolutely wonderful.  Happy to write a testimonial wherever, whenever.  Will miss you!

Rusveer J.


My friends in Burlington registered with this service so I got them a gift card on line. Website is extremely easy to navigate. Got a heads up email from Jamie letting me know the order was processed and another with my personalized gift certificate.

What a great business with great people! Go local!

Marcus F.


You guys are really great at getting back to me! 🙂 I really appreciate how flexible you are with our crazy schedule… love, love, love the service!!

Amie C.