What can I expect when I first start the service and how many diapers will I need?

Once you have signed up for the service we will send you an email to let you know which day of the week will be your delivery day. We typically deliver the starter package one week before your baby is due so your nursery is all set up by the time your baby arrives. We then schedule regular delivery service for the week after your baby is born. If you wish to adjust the start timing, simply send us an email or give us a call and we will adjust.

A typical newborn will go through roughly 70 diapers per week. You will receive 70 diapers in your pre-birth starter package delivery. At your first regular service drop off we will pick up the soiled diapers and will replenish your diaper inventory so you have what you will need for the week. Please hold on to any clean diapers you have remaining on your delivery day and identify the amount remaining on the bag tag you will receive each week. Please send us a quick email if you have any diaper sizing or quantity change requests. If your baby is already born you can simply let us know how many diapers you are currently using, or think you will need.


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