What are the cloth diaper covers for and how many will I need?

Bear Bottoms Cloth Diaper Delivery Service takes the work out of cloth diapering. When you change your baby, simply toss the entire soiled diaper into the wet bag we provide each week. There is no need to rinse or dump at all. Cloth diaper covers are the waterproof layer and are required with any cloth diaper. Since the diaper is cloth, it will get wet on the backside so the cover protects clothing and prevents leaking. The cover may have a little pee on the bottom inside once a soiled diaper is discarded. You can just clean it off with a wipe and reuse. Most families use a cover 6-8 times before tossing in the wash or washing in the sink and hang drying. Two to three covers is typically the right number to have on hand for the size your baby is wearing. You will have to up-size a couple of times along the way.


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