Frequently Asked Questions

We all know that using cloth diapers is best for the environment and for our baby’s health (not to mention our pockets), but just how easy are they to use? Here are answers to some common questions to help get you started.

Once you have signed up for the service we will send you an email to let you know which day of the week will be your delivery day. We typically deliver the starter package one week before your baby is due so your nursery is all set up by the time your baby arrives. We then schedule regular delivery service for the week after your baby is born. If you wish to adjust the start timing, simply send us an email or give us a call and we will adjust.

A typical newborn will go through roughly 70 diapers per week. You will receive 50 diapers in your pre-birth starter package delivery. At your first regular service drop off we will pick up the soiled diapers and top you up to 70 diapers or as many as you think you will need. We ask our clients to send us a quick email if you have any diaper sizing or quantity change requests. If your baby is already born you can simply let us know how many diapers you are currently using, or think you will need.

Not at all. Bear Bottoms diapers are the easiest to use and require no folding. Simply put them on just as you would a disposable. No pins! Everything is a snap – including the breathable cover!

Bear Bottoms Cloth Diaper Delivery Service takes the work out of cloth diapering. When you change your baby, simply toss the entire soiled diaper into the wet bag we provide each week. There is no need to rinse or dump at all. Cloth diaper covers are the waterproof layer and are required with any cloth diaper. Since the diaper is cloth, it will get wet on the backside so the cover protects clothing and prevents leaking. The cover may have a little pee on the bottom inside once a soiled diaper is discarded. You can just clean it off with a wipe and reuse. Most families use a cover 6-8 times before tossing in the wash or washing in the sink and hang drying. Two to three covers is typically the right number to have on hand for the size your baby is wearing. You will have to up-size a couple of times along the way.

Modern cloth diapers are form fitted with elasticized legs and back, have multiple snap closures and are sized by age… just like disposables. Our diapers are not pre-folds (flat cloth diapers) so they fit exactly like a disposable and are as easy to put on!

Leaking only occurs with fitted cloth diapers if the diaper or cover are not the correct size. In fact, we hear from our clients all the time when they go on vacation and have to use disposables. They love our diapers as compared to disposables!

If you reside in an apartment or condominium style residence, no worries! Many of our clients live in condos and there is always a solution. We are typically buzzed up when we arrive or provided with a front entrance FOB or key and come up to your unit to pick up/deliver at your door. Some of our customers have an arrangement with the concierge and we exchange at the building reception. Whatever works for your situation works for us!

Absolutely not.  We don’t operate like Rogers or Bell!  🙂

All we ask is for two weeks notice of cancellation.  You can cancel the service at any time.  We request the two weeks to ensure all inventory is accounted for and back to us.

Keep all of your clean diapers. Bag tags are attached to the diaper bag each week. We ask that before putting the soiled diapers out for pick up each week that you write down how many clean diapers and inserts you have left. This allows us to ensure you get what you need each week while allowing us to have enough inventory for all clients.


We count every diaper that goes out and every diaper that comes in. If our system picks up that you have excess diapers in your home you will be depleted automatically and be sent an email. If you feel that the system is not sending you enough diapers just let us know and we can up your count. Please note you can ask for more diapers at any time as long as you are returning the diapers we provided you with the weeks before.

We have different delivery areas on different days. Deliveries start at 8:30 am, so your dirty diapers need to be out for pick up by this time. Since the delivery routes change week to week as new clients join us, we cannot guarantee a delivery time. Having said that, you will find your deliveries will be relatively consistent from week to week. When you are scheduled on the delivery planner we will be able to give you an approximate delivery window- Morning, mid-day, or afternoons. There are many variables that can affect delivery schedules such as traffic, weather, and route changes due to new customers signing up for our service. Although we can give you an approximate window, it is impossible to give you an exact time the driver will arrive. You do not need to be home for your delivery.

There are some general guidelines as to what ingredients to avoid when using cloth diapers.  It is best to avoid any ingredients that contain petroleum/mineral oil, animal fats (tallow, glycerine, etc) and zinc content higher than 13%, cod liver oil and beeswax.  These ingredients will cause staining and repellency of cloth diapers.


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