Early potty training is a BIG money saver! How?.. Cloth diaper your baby

The average baby will go through as many as 8,000 diapers from birth to toilet training… that is a LOT of diapers! In fact, disposable diapers are the single most expensive part of raising a baby. You will save at least $1,000 using Bear Bottoms Cloth Diaper Service vs disposables over the time your baby is in diapers.

On a week to week basis, Bear Bottoms is cheaper than disposables and you will never run out and never have to go out to buy diapers. But the biggest cost savings is due to early potty training for cloth diapered babies which on average results in a full year of not having to buy diapers and not having to change diapers!


Cloth diapered babies are typically potty trained a full year earlier than baby’s who use disposable diapers. Our clients usually begin toilet training their babies around 18 months of age and there are very few clients that remain on the service after the two year mark as their baby’s have fully graduated from diapers. Baby’s who wear disposable diapers are typically still in diapers at three years of age. This is because the chemicals in disposable diapers mask the feeling of being wet so your baby does not know they are sitting in a wet or soiled diaper… but they are. This contributes to diaper rash and makes it difficult to potty train your baby. By contrast, baby’s wearing cloth diapers will feel when they are wet. They will normally let you know when they need to be changed which helps you ensure your baby is not sitting in a soiled diaper for long periods of time. It also helps incent them to use the potty! The average family that chooses cloth diapering will save $800-$1000 vs disposables and will save themselves a lot of work.


Bear Bottoms Cloth Diaper Service… trusted and loved since 2006!


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