Fitted vs Flat Cloth Diapers

Modern cloth diapers are known as ‘fitted cloth diapers’ since they are designed to contour to your baby’s body like disposables. This design is a huge advancement in cloth diapers since they offer better ease of use and better leak protection than flat (pre-fold) cloth diapers.

Fitted cloth diapers are much easier to use than flat cloth diapers

Bear Bottoms fitted cloth diapers work just like disposables. They snap closed quickly with little effort and with many size options you will always have diapers that are ideal for your baby’s body type and weight. You can use ANY cloth diaper cover with our diapers since they snap on independently of the cover.

By comparison, flat or pre-fold cloth diapers must be properly folded based on your baby’s body type and gender and must be affixed to certain covers with pins or clips to stay secure (without clips or pins the diaper can shift around with your baby’s movement resulting in leak concerns). Here are examples of some of the many, many types of fold options you would need to trial and error if using flat cloth diapers…


flat cloth diaper foldFlat cloth diaper anteater fold











Better fit means less leaking and more comfort for your baby

What is truly fantastic about fitted cloth diapers is that they have elasticized legs and back just like disposables. This design benefit makes blow outs up the back or leaking out the sides very uncommon. Fitted cloth diapers come in similar sizes as with disposables. Bear Bottoms offers 7 different sizes from XS to XL to ensure your baby has an excellent fit from newborn to toddler.

Bear Bottoms Fitted Cotton Cloth Diaper

Bear Bottoms Fitted Cloth Diaper

Flat (pre-fold) Cloth Diaper

Flat (Pre-Fold) Cloth Diaper

Flat cloth diapers typically only come in small and large sizes and arrive as sheets that you then need to fold into a diaper which then needs to be secured to a diaper cover.

Nap time and nighttime can prove to be problematic with cloth diapering if you do not have a highly absorbent and well fitting diaper. Bear Bottoms fitted diapers come in a thinner daytime version (which allows greater mobility for your baby with adequate daytime leak protection) as well as a thicker, highly absorbent nighttime option. We can also provide super soaker large inserts (at no extra charge) for additional absorbency should your baby require. Bear Bottoms cotton cloth diapers offer you the ideal cloth diapering solution for your family.




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