Have you considered a doula?

Why hire a doula? 

Doulas can offer guidance, insight and support during labor and delivery in a calm and nurturing way. Doula is a Greek term meaning “woman who serves,” and it has been used to describe the women who serve birthing mothers. It is normal to have apprehension and many questions/concerns when going through pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal stages… it is really fantastic that there are resources available to see you through the process!

Regardless of this is your first or fifth baby, doulas can be a great resource to rely on because their attention is on you.

Pre-birth appointments provide you with an opportunity to talk about your fears and hopes as you prepare for delivery. Postnatal appointments often include a debrief about how things went for you and address any of the concerns you may have caring for your newborn. For those with previous birth trauma or a pregnancy complication, it can be really beneficial to have a non-medical professional and a non-family member with you during your birth. A doula can provide birth support and a listening ear without having to make clinical decisions, and without the emotional difficulties a family member may experience from your previous birth experience. A doula will also provide emotional encouragement, explanations and support to your partner and family members if they are there with you.

A doula supports the birthing parents in all the stages of labour. That means for all of those hours of “pre labour” you would have someone continuously with you, explaining things, telling you this is normal, and offering positioning suggestions to help baby move down and offer reassurance that will help keep you calm and focused . A birth doula is equally knowledgeable as your doctors and nurses about what’s happening and what you are feeling; and are with you every second during labor and delivery. She keeps the love high and the fear low, so when it is time for your doctor or midwife to arrive you are feeling empowered… not full of fear and exhaustion.

If you feel the support of a doula is right for you, then it pays to do your homework. While there are many excellent doula out there, one of the more caring and comprehensive Doula-centered facilities we have been privileged to work with is the World Of My Baby (WOMB). WOMB Co-founders Lorri Fleming and Angie Stenback’s relationship began in 2006. They drew from their healthcare backgrounds and teamed up as Birth and Postpartum Doulas, co-founding Halton Doula Group in 2007. Lorri and Angie shared the same passion and philosophy and as their company grew over the years they knew that partnering together and working with an exceptionally talented, loving team would allow them to better care for their clients and the whole community!

Lorri and Angie dreamt of having a beautiful “one stop shop”. A place where women and families could go for support, information and healthcare while being as comfortable as they would be in their own home (but without having to do the dishes and laundry!) . And so became the creation of The WOMB – who’s mission statement is: “To provide a sacred, loving space and resource where families gather to be fully nourished and nurtured during their pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.” Through many years of developing relationships with other health practitioners, Lorri and Angie were able to make their dream a reality. At 2600 square feet, their new home is located right in the heart of Milton at 388 Main Street East. With 2 workshop rooms, 8 clinical rooms, an office, kitchen and living room.

Childbirth is a very special time in a women’s life. But let’s be honest, it can also be a scary and overwhelming time from both a physical and emotional perspective. Having the right support system during pregnancy, postpartum and throughout your parenting journey can help families thrive through vs. survive through even the most challenging times. The WOMB is a safe place to come and be real! To laugh, to cry, to learn, to live, and to BE!

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