Policies and Procedures

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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Customers are required to stay on the service for a minimum of two weeks and can cancel the service at any time with two weeks notice of cancellation.  All customers are invoiced on the 1st of each month as a pre pay for the first half of the month, then invoiced again on the 15th of the month as a pre pay for the remainder of the month.


Payment Methods

We prefer to bill via direct debit but will also happily take Visa, Mastercard or AmEx payments.


Delivery Days

As our business grows, we may need to change your delivery date. Delivery dates are based on the demand in each region. We thank you in advance for your patience on this. Please note that we need one business day notice to make any changes to your account.


Starter Package and Service Start Timing

We typically drop off your starter package one week before your baby is due to ensure your nursery is all set up for when your baby arrives.  We automatically schedule your service start date for the week after your baby’s due date but are flexible to start whenever you see fit… please just send us an email when your baby arrives so we are aligned with your service start date expectations.


Lost Diapers

Bear Bottoms cannot be held responsible for lost diapers.  Please make sure to leave your diapers in a secure area. We would be happy to make special arrangements to ensure smooth delivery each week if requested.  If there are any diapers that go missing and are not returned to us, there will be a $10 fee per diaper.  All diapers that we deliver are counted.  If you do not return most of your diapers week to week the system will automatically deplete your order.


Missed Pick Ups

We understand that there may be times when you forget to put your dirty diapers out for the driver.  If this happens please be sure to put two weeks worth of diapers (the current week and the week you missed) out on the next delivery.  We are only able to provide customers with additional diapers for one week.



If a payment does not go through we will notify the customer directly.  We will not be able to drop off diapers without payment.  All NSF payments are subject to a $15 fee.


Vacation Policy

Vacation status does not require the customer to pay for the service while they are away.  We must receive all the diapers back prior to leaving on vacation.



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